It is a 3-story country manor of 1,000 m² located at the heart of 50,000 m² of land.
The exact origin of Can Casadellà is unknown.
There is evidence that the house dates from the beginning of the 16th century. From the beginning to the middle of 19th century, it was a country house which was the centre of an important agricultural property with vineyards and orchards. As centuries went by, the house continued to be added to, while still maintaining its basic structure and facade. The interior of the third floor, where the guest rooms are located, gives evidence of this period.

In 1858 the family Casadellà bought the property and started to restore the house, changing it to its current state. These changes gave the house an “Indiano” mansion air, with details reminiscent of the houses of the Spanish Caribbean colonies. Most probably the Casadella family were traders who earned their riches with their business in the American colonies.

In 1918, the Botey family, who belonged to the new powerful Catalan industrial class that rose at the beginning of the 20th century, bought the manor and refurbished part of the interior but leaving the external facade of the house intact. During this time, the gardens were redesigned; with romantic little squares and long walkways of olive trees, cypress trees, almond trees surrounding the vineyards, which were still in production until the seventies.

In 2006 we have been carrying out important repairs to improve the facilities of the house, so that our guests can enjoy this centennial building in complete comfort.